Business-management consulting / international activities

Internationalization offers chances for a lucrative future.

Market expansion

Do I depend on only a few clients? Where are new growth opportunities and ways to compensate the regional fluctuation in demand?


We help you to export goods and services into Eastern Europe and Asia:

  • We carry out country, market and line research in Eastern Europe and Asia
  • We initiate contacts: Research of addresses, presence on exhibitions
  • We identify appropriate export trading companies
  • We recruite the right people and build sales teams
  • We set up associate companies and sales offices


International purchase

intereinkaufDo I know the right procurement markets in my sector? Does my company prefer buying from local suppliers despite striking disadvantages concerning prices and/or quality?

  • We look for favorable sources of supply abroad
  • We find appropriate business partners
  • We optimize and professionalize strategic purchase


Relocation of production towards Eastern Europe and Asia

Extended workbench

Is it possible to strengthen competitiveness through the relocation of production?
Can foreign growth markets be better developed having an additional location in Eastern Europe or Asia?

  • Company check and preparation for activities abroad
  • Developing an internationalization strategy
  • Site selection
  • Support in financial issues
  • Search for Joint-Venture partners

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