Energy efficiency consulting

We invite you to brave increasing energy costs
and help to save and protect the resources for the succeeding generation.

Have you been asking yourself the following questions and do you know the answer?Ökologischer Fußabdruck

  • What kind of energy do I need when, where and how much?
  • How high are my electricity and energy costs in general?
  • How much energy do I use relating to my turnover?
  • How high or low is my energy consumption compared to my competitors?
  • Where are the weak points in my energy system?
  • Did I choose a low priced energy service provider and do I have the best rates?


Ökologischer FußabdruckIn case you should already have answered these question, congratulations to you!
You will need our services only in exceptional cases.

Dr. Steinmaßl energy efficiency consulting is the company with the most positive references in the database for consultants of the KfW banking group nationwide.

What makes our work successful?

We arrange an energetic 360 degree evaluation.

You can rely on our assistance when it comes to bureaucratic obstacles concerning the application.

We talk with you about all details of your personal energy saving potentials.

Our team consists of energy managers, energy consultants, specialists in supply engineering, air conditioning technology and heating engineering as well as construction and electrical engineers. We therefore guarantee a high quality of consulting – difficult subjects included.

We can provide a lot of additional services such as expertise, energy performance certificates, load profile analysis or thermal images. You can refer to our experience.

Initial advice is being promoted from the KfW banking group and the entrepreneur has to pay € 320 + VAT and travel expenses if so.

More information on KfW’s business

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