Foreign visitors

foreign-v1 Willkommen! Welcome! Добро пожаловать! Ласкаво просимо!

We give you support to your business ventures in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
{tab Foundation consulting}

GründungsberatungIf you want to start a business in Germany, we can help with:
  • Elaboration of a sustainable business concepts
  • Location analysis
  • Personnel recruitment and training

{tab Mergers and acquisition}

Mergers and AcquisitionsIf you intend to participate in a company or if you want to take over a company we can help with:
  • Screening of the companies you’re interested in
  • Making approaches to the target firm
  • Attendance during interviews
  • Sign jointly a secrecy agreement and exchange of information
  • Elaboration of a letter of intent
  • Evaluation of the company
  • Participation / Takeover

{tab Procurement and sales}

foreign-v4If you are interested in selling or buying products on the German market, we help with:
  • Search for suitable business partners
  • Developing distribution channels

{tab Travel organization}

ReiseorganisationWe organize your travel to Germany if you intend to visit German companies or institutions:
  • Professional and friendly assistance during your visit – from your arrival to your departure
  • We arrange your appointments in companies or institutions

{tab Market overview}

MarktüberblickWe inform you about the German-speaking market:
  • Elaboration of market analysis
  • Elaboration of specific information on the country


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