Load profile analysis

  • Have you recorded initial information on the energy needs of your company (corrector: for active energy) and wish to reduce the related amount of electricity, thereby reducing costs?
  • Do you wish to smooth out power spikes and thereby lower energy costs?


In this case, a load profile analysis can provide extremely valuable information! With a load response analysis, the energy performance (kW) is recorded continuously and the resulting data is analysed.


The tabular evaluation of energy requirements and performance peaks shows monthly energy requirements and the maximum performance times the at a glance.


Practice-oriented evaluation tools are scarce. For this reason, Dr. Steinmaßl MANAGEMENTBERATUNG has programmed a load evaluation system especially designed for mid-sized companies. Following a one-and-a-half-year development period, Dr. Steinmaßl MANAGEMENTBERTUNG clients can now avail of a powerful tool for reducing electricity and natural gas costs.

In contrast to software solutions that have to be purchased and require training, clients of Dr. Steinmaßl MANAGEMENTBERATUNG receive a comprehensive PDF docuemnt that is easy to use.


The document offers numerous navigation possibilities. For example all evaluation possibilities can be selected via the bookmark menu.


The advantages are obvious: PDF documents are independent of the original application, from the operating system and hardware platform and can furthermore be printed identically to the original. The typical conversion issues, such as changes in page break or incorrect fonts are omitted.


Peak and base load times can be recognised in detail by with use of the annual load duration curve.




Special assessments, such as spectral analysis, immediately show the company owner and / or the Technical Director when peak loads occur during operation. A powerful tool in the hands of all managers who know their business operations.

Other special reports, such as the performance of the solar plant or the influence of external temperatures on the energy needs of the property are possible. Your ideas can be almost limitlessly implemented.


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